Rev. William Sampson, SJ’s “Coming of Consolation: How God gets through to Us,” with a foreword by Monsignor Leonard J. Fick, edited by Mary Moreschi Dixon and Toby Terrar (Silver Spring, MD: CWPublisher, 1986, 2016, Thirtieth-Anniversary Limited Edition). (133 pages, illustrations, biography and index) (Paper: ISBN 0-9764168-7-5,

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Toby Terrar, (expanded version) “Review Article: Egalitarian Spirituality in William Sampson’s The Coming of Consolation: How God Gets Through to Us,”in The Pastoral Review (Twickenham, England: March-April 2018), vol. 14, issue 2, pp. 52-56 (adds a discussion of Ignatius of Loyola).

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